Our Trusted Partners

Kalon, LLC has teamed up with select business partners to provide extraordinary services to our customers.


Our trusted business partners include:

  • Naval Systems, Incorporated
  • Mitchell Management Services

Mitchell Management Services (MMS)

MMS is a management and engineering services company specializing in full life-cycle  support of Military aircraft programs.  MMS has over 20 years’ experience in NAVAIR program definition, development, integration, test & evaluation, production, upgrade, and retrofit. MMS has the ability to support management and engineering of mission areas across naval aviation including but not limited to Aircraft and Avionics Systems; Warfare Systems; Combat Systems; Electronic Warfare Systems; Defense mission systems engineering & integration; full life-cycle management and engineering for weapon system development, integration, production, and product upgrades and retrofits.


Naval Systems, Inc. (NSI)

NSI’s technical capabilities include Program Management, Logistics and Product Support Planning, Systems Engineering, Project Planning, Agency Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis (Business Case Analysis, Cost Benefit Analysis, Weapon Systems Cost Estimation and Analysis,) Budgeting, Programming, and Scheduling.  NSI’s supports Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Program Offices such as PMA-276, PMA-274, PMA-234, PMA-231, PMA-209, PEO(U&W) Common Standards and Interoperability office, and Naval Aviation Center for Rotorcraft Advancement (NACRA).