Quality Assurance Plan

Quality is an inherent element of all services and products provided by Kalon.  We continually strive for efficient methods for providing services that optimize product quality.

The purpose of our Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) is twofold. It allows management to assess the health of support for the specific contract and it provides an internal corporate assessment of workforce strength and motivation, support trends, personnel quality of life, and business base reputation. Throughout the life of the contract, Kalon will monitor and manage adherence to the QAP for each task under this contract.

To ensure the quality of services and products delivered, our Quality Control is tailored around defined metrics for each task, and we apply performance standards and data performance standards based on the specific products and services required by the task and defined in project work plans. These steps, in conjunction with the specific methods and metrics developed for each individual task, ensure that the service support activities and products provided by Kalon in support of all Navy/Marine Corps systems commands meet or exceed required standards of quality. Client satisfaction and contribution value to the task requirements of the PBSOW are paramount to achieving success under our QAP.